Particles from Space

Astroparticle physics, also called particle astrophysics, is a branch of particle physics that studies elementary particles of astronomical origin and their relation to astrophysics and cosmology.

It is a relatively new field of research emerging at the intersection of particle physics, astronomy, astrophysics, detector physics, relativity, solid state physics, and cosmology.
Partly motivated by the discovery of neutrino oscillation, the field has undergone rapid
development, both theoretically and experimentally, since the early 2000s.

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1 Diy Muon Detector-PDF
2 DiY Muon YouTube 1
3 DiY Muon YouTube 2
3 DiY Muon YouTube 3
4 Cosmic Watch WebSite
5 DiY Cloud Chamber
6 Peltier Cloud Chamber
7 DIY Fusion
8 Diffusion Chamber
9 Astroparticle Journal
10 Particle Adventure
11 About Fermilab
12 How to Detect Muons!
13 Cosmic Rays RasPi
14 Muons
0 Dr Butler Particles
1 Elementary Particles
2 How Fast is it
3 Entanglement
4 Red Shift
5 Black Body
6 General Relativity
7 Special Relativity
8 Measurement
9 Big Bang
10 Smith & Frisch
0 Dr.Don Lincoln
1 FermiLab
2 G-2 experiment
3 Magnet theory
4 Subatomic Stories
5 Higgs Bosons
6 Cerenkov
7 Length contraction
8 Detectors
9 Weak Force
10 Standard Model




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Arduino Muon Detector- Silcon Photo Multipler (SiPM)
You want to build your own CosmicWatch detector? It's easy and inexpensive! Step-by-step instructions for the new version of the detector (v2) can be found here.
Check out our "how to" videos on YouTube.
Supplementary materials (including code for Arduino) can be found in GitHub repository.
If you already started building the detector, instructions for v1 are still available in How to buid it? section.